Lance Armstrong

The bicyclist himself! (PHOTO CREDIT: Keith Bethea)

Rosa Parks

Okay, she's not on a bus this what!? It's a subway, and she can ride wherever she wants!

Eric Devendorf

Former Syracuse University basketball player, Eric Devendorf, riding on the train..probably going to play basketball!

James Earl Jones

The voice of Darth Vader...waiting for the the Dark Star? LOL..I hope not!

Panama Jack

The clothing company guy...remember? Here is another picture of him!

Tiger Woods

Hey Tiger, um..shouldn't you be golfing and not just riding the subway? :P (j/k)

Ricky Gervais

The creator of The Office and Extras chillin' on the C train!

Aaron Brooks

The Houston Rockets' point guard, here just chillin' and ridin' the Uptown 6 train in New York!

White Fang

A fictional dog? Yeah, right!

Albert Einstein

Albert...are you working hard, or hardly working? ;)

Justin Bieber

Bieber Fever? More like Bieber riding the m86 crosstown bus in New York!

The Skipper from Gilligan's Island

Jonas "The Skipper" Grumby from Gilligan's Island...I guess he got off the island!

Matt Damon

Courtesy of Adam Geyer, here is Matt Damon enjoying a bite to eat in Austin, TX. The Bourne...Food Eater?

LeBron "King" James

The "King", probably talking to Jay-Z on his "celly"! (Photo & Comment contributed by Keith J. Bethea)

Kevin James

The King Of Queens? More like the King Of Sleep! :P (Yes, I know - he looks a little different off-screen...but hey, that's really him!)

Todd from Wedding Crashers

This is the kid who is really into Vince Vaughn's character in the movie Wedding Crashers. Here he is at a wedding in Dallas, TX!!!

Chris Cornell (from Soundgarden/Audioslave)

The legendary lead singer himself! Here's a photo of him from a studio shoot.

Wolf Blitzer

The "Situation Room" man himself, riding a bus! :P

50 Cent

50 Cent hanging out at a Subway Restaurant in the Upper East Side of New York City. You can find him in...da Subway club? :D

Hines Ward

Okay, so he looks a lot younger when he's off the field. BUT don't be fooled...although Hines Ward has been playing for a while, he isn't that old.

Lady Gaga

It was from a distance - I didn't want to get too close and be know how she feels about the Paparazzi (LOL!!!)..anyways, she's the one in the blonde hair.

Regina Spektor

On her mornin' commute!

Norman Chad

The American sportswriter and syndicated columnist, spotted by R.A. Geyer at the San Diego Airport.