Ben Shalom Bernanke

Yes, Ben Shalom Bernanke is his full name. Don't believe me? Look it up on Wikipedia. Anyways, this is the "Fed Head" himeself, just chillin' and checkin' out some new books at Barnes & Noble. What are you reading, Ben? A book on finance or the economy!? LOL..probably..

Liza Minelli

Though I mainly know her from her role as Lucille Ostero on Arrested Development, I know she has a long history in theater or broadway or something in New York City..anyways, here she is outside of a grocery store! Hey Liza, whatcha doin'? Ha ha ha.

Steven Wright

Here is Steven Wright, selling fruit. If you are not sure who he is, here is a picture. Though this could also be a clown without his (or her) makeup on, I think it is Steven Wright. I am about 67% sure that this is actually Mr. Wright.

Bradley Whitford (aka Eric Gordon from Billy Madison)

In what might end up being the least accurate celebrity sighting in this blog, here is Bradley Whitford - star of the West Wing and the antagonist in the 1995 hit comedy movie Billy Madison!

Tommy Chong

Tommy Chong, chillin' on his front steps in the Upper East Side. Hey, I bet that's not just tobacco in that cigarette joint! LOL

Beyonce (Knowles)

The singer who is married to Jay-Z.

Aziz Ansari

Aziz, from Human Giant and the recent movie Funny People, just takin' a stroll through Brooklyn!

John Malkovich/Woody Harrelson

I could not make out which quirky actor it I'll leave it up to you, the viewer, to decide!