Rip Van Winkle

Either it's the fictional protagonist from American author Washington Irving's 1819 short story, or it's a dead old man! I hope it's the former, because the latter would be quite unfortunate. Golly. Oh well..wake up, Rip, wake up!

Pete Wentz

Hey Pete - where the heck is Ashley!? I hope you two didn't have a FALLing OUT, BOY! Ha ha ha.

President Obama (Incognito)

Okay, okay - wait just a minute. I know what you're thinking: "That doesn't look like B.O.!" You have a point. But it's because he was trying to mask his identity. The hat pulled down over his face, the dark clothing. I mean, if I were the President of the United States and I was in a bodega just chilling, I'd want to conceal my identity as well.

John McEnroe

Getting a coffee at Starbucks. You can't be serious! (LOL)

Dick Tracy

The more I look at this one, the more I think it might be the "Man In The Yellow Hat" from Curious George books. Not sure.

Bernie from Weekend At Bernie's

From Weekend At Bernie's. He's alive now? What!?

Adrian Peterson

He was talking about adding 10-15 lbs. this offseason. Um..looks like you did the opposite AP..times 100! Wow. Nah, I'm sure he'll be fine for the season

Alan Alda

I don't even know what this guy does or has done in his career, but when I saw him on the street I recognized him right away.

Amy Winehouse

Uh oh, looks like Amy Winehouse escaped from rehab and found refuge in the Upper East Side!

Sway (from MTV)

MTV's own Sway, kickin' it on the subway!

Steven Spielberg

My first time riding the '1' train and who do I see? The Spiel-man himself.

Wesley Snipes

The former Demolition working at the local Modell's Sporting Goods store? I guess the economic crisis is worse than I thought! At least Snipes looks like he's aging (or not) well?

Ebeneezer Scrooge

Bah Humbug! Scrooge is back at the bar, drinking in solitude..

Grandpa from Jurassic Park

Yeah, it's him - look took me a while to recognize him, too. But once I got a good look, I knew it was him. He was at the JFK airport waiting for his luggage..WTF, there aren't dinosaurs at the airport! Or are there? There aren't.

David Spade

David Spade..enjoying a brunch at the Mustang Grill!

Richie Sambora

Richie Sambori, the man some may consider the brains behind Bon Jovi's musical success, was just hanging out on 86th street!

Karl Rove

What was he doing walking down midtown along 6th Avenue?! Wow..and Karl, um..nice tan jacket..NOT!

Robert E. Lee

You lost, dude. Give it up already! Haha, no just kidding. He was just being himself, hanging out at Grand Central station waiting for the 6 train.

Benjamin Pollock

I DVR every day's Jeopardy, and this was from Thursday's (1/22) episode..Ben finished in second place, losing only by $2. He looked snazzy as always, though! :)

Joe The Plumber/Jason Statham

I think it was a hybrid of these two. Not sure.

Al Roker

Here's Al Roker, takin' a break on the L train.

Gov. David Paterson

DP, the Gov. of NY, is also a bagger at my local grocery store!

Rick Moranis

Honey, I shrunk the..subway with Rick Moranis?! Wh-wh-whaaat!?

Michael Moore

Hey about a little less time pushing a cart and looking overweight and a little more time making cynical films about the U.S. Government? Golly!

Arthur Meyer

Arthur Meyer, spotted in the crowd of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Hey Arthur, *orange* you glad you wore that sweater? ;-) Just kidding!

Mimi (from the Drew Carey Show)

LaTarion Milton

Staying out of trouble..for now.

George Lucas

Eli Manning

li Manning*

*Changed from "Jim Halpert" after a suggestion from my cousin Mary

Donovan McNabb

I saw Donovan McNabb right outside my apartment on 1st Ave!

Christopher Lowell

You know, that bald, bearded, designer guy? Yeah, him! He was at the Mustang Grill at 85th and 2nd. Say whaa?

Tony La Russa

Yes, the coach of the St. Louis Cardinals..just chattin' on his cell phone. Hey Tony, can you hear me now?! Haha..priceless!

Bobby Knight

Famed college basketball coach Bob Knight stops by the Mustang Grill for a quick drink. Ebenezer Scrooge eyes the camera in the background.

Ted Kennedy

I guess he's feeling better..just cruisin' along here on the M31 bus. At first I thought it was Newt Gingrich..but it wasn't. Oh well!

Indiana Jones

Okay, so maybe the photo doesn't really look too much like Indiana Jones..but it really is him! He was at The Bagel Mill on 1st Avenue in New York, getting a breakfast!

J.J. Walker

Dyno-..MIGHT want to think about gettin' with the times, J.J. It's the 21st century, bro!

Harry Potter

I caught Daniel Radcliffe (of Harry Potter fame) as he was exiting a SuperCuts in the Upper East Side. Looks like Wizards get their hair cut just like humans..LOL.

Dr. House (Hugh Laurie)

Hugh Laurie, TV's "Dr. House", riding the R train around 2 p.m. on a Friday..HEY! Don't you have a hospital to be in? Ha ha I'm just kidding, Hugh - take a break :)

Matt Hasselbeck

Here he is right after filming his new EAS commercial (see photo of him during the shoot here:


Hey, Hagrid! How about less time taking out loans and more time being a cuddly big man to Harry!

The Golden Girls

There are Rose, Dorothy, and Blanche! I couldn't get Sophia in the frame. The Golden Girls themselves after a nice afternoon tennis match! Game, set, match! ?

Ben Gibbard

I couldn't tell from my vantage point whether it was Ben Gibbard or the lead singer of The Decemberists..but I'm about 51% sure it was Gibbard. What's he doing on the A train? LOLOL!!!

British Guy from Geico Commercials

I saw the Old British Guy who follows the Geico Lizard. He was leaving the Post Office..I wonder if he was about to go look for the Lizard again..LOL.


Some say he's let himself go..I just think he's being casual now. He's been a wizard for so long, can't he just be a normal, slightly overweight, pedestrian for a while? Come on, guys.


Now before you get mad at me for taking this picture, please remember how FDR was one of our nation's greatest leaders. The Tennessee Valley Authority would not exist if it weren't for him.

This photo was taken just in front of the U.N. The more I look at his face, the more I think it might be Stephen Hawking. Not sure. Thoughts?

Elmo & Cookie Monster

5th Avenue by Bryant Park. Can someone help me out with who the blue character is?

Cruella De Vil

Walking without her dogs? Say what? Nah, just kidding. But here's Ms. De Vil, just strollin' down 2nd ave!

Criss Angel (Mindfreak)

Criss Angel of Mindfreak waits at the 59th Street train station. It was either Angel himself, or an androgynous look-a-like. You be the judge.

Carrot Top (The Comedian)

Carrot Top has lost some muscle mass since his 1-800-CALL-ATT commercials but he still enjoys a nice turquoise shirt.

Barbara Bush

Barbara Bush - just crossin' the street by some construction on 92nd and 2nd!