Wilmer Valderrama

You may know him as "Fez"..but here he is at 4am on the subway in NYC, listening to some music!

Peter Parker

Oooh - "Spidey" senses...need to hold a chaperone's hand?!

Randy Jackson

Hey Dog! What are you doing on the M15 bus going downtown!? Where is SIMON!? :)

Brian Posehn

The lighting was rather dim - I wish I could've snapped a better shot - but this is the stand up comedian Brian Posehn as he entered the restaurant Ruby Foo's in Times Square.

Kevin from The Office (With A Toupee)

He wore a toupee in the Jim/Pam wedding episode. Here he was at Six Flags..waiting to ride the Batman!

Wicked Witch of the East (Red Sock Edition)

A new take on the WWOTE...waiting in line at Six Flags to ride El Toro!

Mason Gamble (From the 1993 Dennis The Menace movie)

This child actor, seen here, made a name for himself in 1993 while portraying Dennis The Mennis in a hit movie featuring the late Walter Matthau. It appears he is still up to his usual shenanigans while riding the 4/5 train downtown!